Briefly, not wasting your time.

I’m mechanical engineer and machine designer. I’m making things.
I take an idea, evaluate every physical aspect and combine it with everything that matters: use case, mechanical properties, manufacturability issues, assembly options, visual aesthetics, technological compatibility, things that makes product complete. And I’m designing. Doing the part between concept and fabrication.

In past I’ve worked with certain industrial equipment and this experience taught me to optimize design for particular fabrication process. Every part of the product have to be manufacturable. I’m working on it, developing product entirely and each part of it. Then prepare files for particular workshop and technology. 3D models with GD&T for further CAM, cutlist drawings, bills of material, assembly drawings and end user guides.

Also I’m running prototyping process, sourcing parts, ordering fabrication, assembling and testing. Or sending for remote fabrication in various workshops around the world.

And when the design is ready, I often make product visualization. Product rendering is useful thing as marketing material, design preview or for presentation.