About me

I used to create things since I was a kid, it was always interesting for me. I grew up with tools in my hands and since then I’m gaining experience in various areas. When I was a student I worked in a machining workshop and along with becoming an engineer I got some experience of machining and industrial processes. It helps me to understand the manufacturing better and optimize my design for certain workshop.

I’ve worked in many teams developing various products and mechanisms. Part-time and full-time, full development from the beginning or updating already existing design. It gives enough perspectives to see the idea and product from multiple sides. Whether I have to think about product’s look for end user or emphasise on mechanical properties of the mechanism and aim only for performance. I had opportunity to work on products with different priorities, markets and rules.

I’m working on design for manufacturability since 2012. Started with part-time, freelancing and now working full-time too, either remotely or locally. Currently it is quite simple to work in one place and cooperate with the team overseas, even prototyping is not a problem.

Now I’m working on product development including concept, proof of concept, prototyping, design for manufacturability, documentation for manufacturing and marketing materials. If you need experienced engineer to work on design of your product – lets talk.