Sometimes I’m designing something as personal project for further development or just for fun. And I’m sharing some of them for public access, so others can use it or contribute to the project.

Mostly these are printable items – DIY mechanisms, devices and parts. Some of them are concept design and models for visualization. Some of them are both.

Sometimes I need quick model for a simple part. I don’t always upload such things because I’m often forgetting about these parts when they’re no longer needed. But I’ll try to upload them more often.

For example, this is an adapter for camera lens filter that I needed for one of my lens to use with one filter that I have. It was tricky to find nearby so I modelled it for printing. Rendering was made just for fun.

Some things are more complicated, some things are simple. All of them were made just because I wanted to make it.

Qi charger in custom cookie enclosure