It’s not rare when I’m designing something as personal project for further development or just for fun. And it’s up to me to decide whether to upload them in public access or not.

If the part have to be printed, I adjust model for printability accordingly. Also I’m using with already existing and off-the-shelf parts in my assemblies.

Sometimes I need quick model for a simple part. I don’t always upload such things because I’m often forgetting about these parts when they’re no longer needed. But I’ll try to upload them more often.

For example, this is an adapter for camera lens filter that I needed for one of my lens to use with one filter that I have. It was tricky to find nearby so I modelled it for printing. Rendering was made just for fun. 

This is an example of reverse engineered USSR-made power splitter. Interesting example of reliable design. Connecting rod tubes/springs are quite simple and made from single piece of sheet metal, but they’re still working for dozens of years. Filled enclosure represents soviet approach to material save. Maybe it’s not very cost effective, but at that times it was completely normal.

I remember a toy car which was impossible to break because the plastic walls were so thick. Comparing to modern plastic products it may look like a huge material waste. But it depends on the certain product and its purpose.

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