360° camera

This is an example of design for electronic device. My part of job was enclosure design for fabrication (with certain sealing) and prototyping.

Given certain camera module, PCB and lens, I designed the housing for it. Device was tested for heat radiation and enclosure was adjusted for optimal performance. 4-wire output was required.

Heatsink in enclosure

Both sides of the housing are ready for printing and molding. Rendered for preview, but further updates made it more weather-sealed between parts and between lens and the plastic.

As processing unit we used Brix computer connected by 4 separate USB3 cables in order to provide optimal bandwidth for unprocessed stream from 4 cameras.

Size comparison

Prototype test.

Printed enclosure
Turned on

However, in final we figured out that this hardware doesn’t match our requirements to the final image quality and processing speed. We decided to use more advanced camera modules and they required better lens which led us to completely new enclosure.