Intake manifold for GM LS3 engine

This is the custom inlet manifold for Chevrolet Corvette (2013) engine. It is based on one of older configuration of manifold for another engine but completely redesigned to match current one without any performance loss. Also one of reasons why it was created is that client wanted this unique look and manifold was changing its shape during design quite significantly. It was designed for bolt junction at first and then we switched to welding. We lost some cool looking (in my opinion) screw bores that were placed on smooth rounded surfaces but that’s the point of development – eventually it became better and more lightweight though there was no need to save on material or mass.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on CFD to compare and optimize air flow in all the runners. Finally, I made time-dependent simulation which represents entire cycle of runners opening and closing during shaft revolution.

By screenshots and photos of printed prototype you can see how it changed its look during development.