Zeus Nexus

Zeus Nexus is a kit of products under Zeus brand, which is oriented at cannabis vaporizing. On its own it is a container which fits multiple items of the kit. My work here was at making it look good to represent the brand. Initially the team was aiming at the box design with simple walls and compartments for each item. I designed this “reversed box” with compartments and no empty areas between products inside. No compromises to manufacturability and costs of fabrication.

The lid covers all products and keeps them in their places firmly. Lid is attached by magnets and has alignment guides so it snaps in its place accurately and effortlessly.
The ribs underneath making the container rigid and also form more compartments for accessories – charging cable, cleaning kit and expendable parts.

Also it has a built-in cleaning tool which withholds some mechanical load. It is a tool to empty the capsules by tearing the disposable lid and taking out the material and putting it in compartment around the tool. It is closed by the lid and doesn’t let the leftovers spill around.

Checking the off-tool samples before proceeding with further development of molds. Fitting all components and checking how it works together and how convenient it is to handle.