Utillian 8

It is a vaporizer for concentrates of cannabis products and it’s one of new models in tabletop size. It’s designed in 2022 to fit the market of 2023. I developed it in a team that has experience in vaporizer market. My role was to take an approved overall concept and design it for manufacturability, develop all parts for certain fabrication technology.

One of main considerations was user experience and feeling of high-end product. We put a lot of effort in optimizing each part and how it comes together. We tweaked different shapes, materials, finishes and colors to find this balance of reliability and portability.

We made full package that fits requirements of many users – different heating buckets, different temperature settings, convenient and reliable user interface. We tested and improved all points of interaction: convenient and confident feel of the button, bright and distinct look of LEDs, reliable attachment of Carb Cap and Dab Tool that fits in silicone cover and sits in certain position. Vapor path and Bubbler was thoroughly put together to keep it sealed and at the same time minimize the contact of vapor with silicone. At the same time we made the vapor path parts easy to detach for convenient cleaning.

Initially we wanted to implement customization options for the product and made magnet-attached external shells/skins. In the beginning the product is released with black fabric and other colors of Case (external shell of the body) are offered separately.

A lot of work was put into cost effective manufacturing and assembly – I redesigned all parts collaborating with fabrication workshop to eliminate all the problems of fabrication and improve consistency of quality.

In result we got tightly built product with all parts snapping together nicely and without rattling. Aluminium body with gunmetal color, perfectly matching shaded glass bubbler, nicely fitting carb cap with grippy silicone cover and matching shiny Dab Tool made of zirconia ceramic. Concealed button under the logo and LEDs under the fabric are created to do the job and keep the product looking sleek and minimal, everything is for the brand of Utillian.

I like how it turned out. Unfortunately, the bigger part of my work is hidden “under the hood”.

We also designed a carrying case for the device, here are some early stage pictures before plans for the carrying case were changed.