Set of motor oil bottles – APSCO

We needed to create new design for oil motor line and make it in its own style, but keep things convenient and reliable. We ha

Free Hand

Custom scissors for convenient work with full control. 5.75″ scissors with swivel thumb ring and soft padding in rings.

Servomotors with build-in controller and planetary gearing

Our goal was to achieve cost effective design keeping sizes of motor minimal. We used standard bearings and retaining rings to

Yacht router rendering

This is the product rendering of a router used on yachts. It is weather sealed and has connectors for power, Ethernet, 4 anten

Firestone frame and sheet metal sign

My task was to design weldless frame for 20′ wide and 10′ high sign. And the actual sign also. We used Unistrut pa

Webcam cover

Product rendering of webcam cover which can be attached to your webcam for security reasons.

Access panels

Sheet metal production rendering. Here are few samples of my rendering work for access panel manufacturer. All assemblies were

Hydroponic system

System made for consistent and even distribution of liquid to all the plants inside. It’s made scalable so there’s

Card-size multitool

This product made as 1 part cut from metal and then edges were formed to this tool shape. One of goals was to fit everything t

Intake manifold for GM LS3 engine

This is the custom inlet manifold for Chevrolet Corvette (2013) engine. It is based on one of older configuration of manifold

Travel Mug Lid

This is the lid for commonly used travel mug from known manufacturer. There are lots of different lids on Amazon and this one

360° camera

This is an example of design for electronic device. My part of job was enclosure design for fabrication (with certain sealing)